There’s a lot of reasons to get a professional to paint your home, but here’s King Arthur’s top five!

King Arthur Handyman

1. It will get done quicker

How do you value your time? Do you have important things to be doing, other than painting?

Painting can take a lot longer than you think! The outside of your home can require a lot of dreaded prep work depending on the condition of your home. This can mean gapping and filling, and that’s before you even get to the painting!

The type of primers and/or paint you are using can also impact how long it takes to paint.

Knowing what to expect comes with experience, which Arthur has plenty of. This means a lot of time is saved and your home gets painted a whole lot quicker.

2. You don’t have to organise equipment

Painting requires a fair bit of equipment. Various types of brushes and rollers are needed depending on the task at hand, not to mention extension ladders and scaffolding!

When using scaffolding you’re generally challenged with uneven ground which makes it difficult to set ladders and reach roof overhangs. Nature isn’t your friend here either: windy days can catch dust on your fresh coat of paint, and rain can ruin the finish if the paint is still wet.

Arthur has battled all kinds of jobs, so he knows what equipment and paint to use and what troubles to look out for when painting your home.

3. You won’t have to cut in (cutting in will be tidy)

A lot of trim means a lot of brushwork, and this means a lot of patience and a steady hand.

When cutting in, particularly around windows and gutters, it can be hard to get the crisp clean lines unless you spend a lot of time or have a lot of practice.

Arthur can get it done in half the time and it will (probably) look much better.

4. No Clean up

  • No cleaning,
  • No washing brushes,
  • No washing trays,
  • No scrubbing paint from your hands and hair,
  • No packing away equipment.

Arthur does all this as part of the service.

5. You’ll get a high-quality job!

A high-quality job involves a few factors, from choosing the right products, to the attention to detail in the paint job itself.

Choosing primers, undercoats and paints can be a daunting task. Making sure you use the right products is part of the process that ensures that you get a long lasting, quality finish. Arthur will help sort this for you.

Choosing Arthur to paint your home also means you get to avoid those ‘whoopsie’ moments and the constant frustration that eventually results in a disappointing finished job and a ‘that’ll bloody do!’ attitude. Hiring someone with experience means you get a high-quality finish, minus the stress.

Once your house is finished, you want to stand back, with your hands on your hips admiring your fantastic looking home with its fresh coat of paint. Arthur will give you a great result, so you can do just that.

If you want your home painted with no fuss and a great attention to detail, King Arthur is your go to man.

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