Possum Removal FAQ’s – Here’s a list of our top Frequently Asked Questions

Possum in Cage after removal in Toowoomba

Both possums and rodents can be really noisy when they are in your roof space. An indicator that it’s possums in your roof is the time of day you hear them. If you hear the scratching and scurrying just after dusk and returning just before sunrise, it’s most likely a possum.

Possums are Australian native animals and are protected by law, so their removal can only be carried out by someone who holds a Damage Mitigation Permit.  So it’s best you call in the professionals – this is where King Arthur can help.

It’s important that whoever is removing the possum thoroughly inspects your home for entry points. These will need to be repaired so that the possums can’t sneak back in.

Once everything has been sealed or repaired, then the possum(s) can be removed.

Arthur will use well maintained and humane traps to capture the possums inside your home (usually inside your ceiling void).  This means the possums don’t get overly stressed or hurt themselves. Once the cage is set, the possums are normally caught over a period of 3-5 days.

Any possums that Arthur captures need to be released within 25m of your place.  This is a requirement of his permit.  You might want to provide them with a new place to sleep, by hanging a nest box, or something similar, in nearby trees.

Possums are very persistent and can sometimes be difficult to successfully exclude.

If they do find their way back in, it’s best to contact Arthur as soon as you notice, so that he can return and reinspect for any other entry points.

King Arthur provides a 3 month warranty on your possum removal job.

Possum removal isn’t always a straight forward process. We have compiled a list of answers to common questions we get from our clients. Remember that everyone’s circumstances are different, so the possum removal process can vary for each job.

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