These guys are bad news! The National Red Imported Fire Ants (NRIFA) or just Fire Ants pose a serious social, economic and environmental threat and have to be reported and eradicated immediately if sighted.

Arthur wants to let people know about them and help raise awareness. Although technically they’re not found here in Toowoomba, they have been down in the Lockyer Valley, and so it would only take a bit of carelessness to have someone accidentally transport them up here.

So, here’s what you need to know.

What is a Fire Ant?

Fire Ants are dangerous, imported pests that could spread to large areas of Australia. They could severely damage the environment, our outdoor lifestyle, and the agricultural and tourism industries. They are called Fire Ants because of the painful, fiery sting they inflict.

What do they look like?

Fire Ants are quite small (2-6mm) and come in an unusual variety of sizes within one nest. Their heads and bodies are coppery-brown and their abdomens are darker. They are aggressive, particularly near the nest.

How do I identify a Fire Ant nest?

Their nests have no obvious entry or exit holes. Nests often appear as dome-shaped mounds, but these mounds are not always easily identifiable. They can be up to 40cm high, but may also be flat and look like a small patch of disturbed soil. They are usually found in open areas such as lawns and pastures, and along roadsides and unused cropland.

Fire ant nest treatment

Fire ant nest treatment

How do I report a Fire Ant sighting?

Please report suspect Fire Ants online or contact Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.

How are Fire Ants treated?

Their nests are treated with a direct nest injection of chemicals by qualified pest management technicians. The process involves spearing a rod into the ground around the nest and flooding the nest and tunnels with insecticide. The nest is also lightly showered with the liquid treatment.

Arthur is a qualified technician for the eradication of NRIFAs and can also help eradicate any other common pesky problems.

Arthur training to treat a fire ant nest

Arthur training to treat a fire ant nest

If you have any ant problem King Arthur can help! Get in touch today.

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