The loud thuds, the scratching and sometimes even the chainsaw sounds! Possums can be a bit of a nuisance when they decide to make their home inside your house.  And it’s definitely not good when they get stuck in your fireplace!!

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How do you know if it is rodents or possums?

Both are pretty noisy but you’ll hear possums leaving your roof just after dusk and returning just before sunrise.

What can you do?

Possums are Australian native animals and are protected by law.  Their removal can only be carried out by someone who holds a Damage Mitigation Permit.  So it’s best you call in the professionals – this is where King Arthur can help!!

What will King Arthur do?

King Arthur is your go-to handyman and possum-remover!!  His services include thoroughly inspecting your home for entry points, and repairing your home so that the possums can’t sneak back in.  This is actually a requirement of his permit.

Arthur then uses well maintained and humane traps to capture the possums inside your home (usually inside your ceiling void).  This means the possums don’t get overly stressed or hurt themselves.

Any possums that Arthur captures need to be released within 25m of your place.  This is also a requirement of his permit.  You might want to provide them with a new place to sleep, by hanging a nest box, or something similar, in nearby trees.

Possum in Cage after capture ready to be relocated

Possum in Cage after capture ready to be relocated

Possums can be crafty, and occasionally dangerous creatures. Although they can be cute, and a great Aussie native, sometimes they just don’t mix well with people. King Arthur can safely remove your intruders and ensure they don’t gain access to your home again with his possum proofing service.

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